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Dr. Manisha T Khairnar holds a Masters in Public Health, from the MUHS (Maharashtra University of Health Science) with collaboration of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). Dr Manisha has completed her Bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery in 2002 from Pune and Masters in Ayurveda Medicine in 2006 from Rahuri, A.Nagar.

Dr Manisha is a well renowned medical practitioner of PCMC and Pune. Ever since from being a doctor, she has earned a huge good will with patients especially ‘Mothers’ by educating and counselling them during the very crucial time of pregnancy. In the course of her medical practice Dr Manisha experienced that most of the Indian mothers are quite unaware of the nutritional requirements and utmost care required during and after pregnancy. The first stint of working in the field of Nutrition happened here; after which she went ahead to pursue a Masters in Public health and Nutrition. She has also completed her Diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda from Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune.

As a Doctor it has been more than 16 long years and thousands of patients contributing in the vast experience of Dr Manisha. Her experience in Integrated medicine and lifestyle associated disorders exceeds 12 years; where she has been honoured and awarded by pharmaceutical companies and various other social groups in PCMC for her extravagant contribution in health sectors like Mother and child care, childhood and adolescence nutrition, awareness for nutritional concerns in common masses, etc.

Now Dr Manisha has dedicated herself in the sector of Nutrition, Lifestyle management, Yoga and management and prevention of chronic diseases with constitutional and therapeutic Ayurveda.

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